Since 2009 we've been building Kentucky's startup community.
Awesome Inc is excited to announce the launch of our new fund, Awesome Fund.

Since 2009, Awesome Inc has been building Kentucky's startup community by supporting founders and helping them scale their companies.
The Awesome Fund exists to provide a source of capital and additional resources to help them take it to the next level.

Awesome Fund is a pre-seed and seed stage fund that will invest in tech startups in and near Kentucky. 


Where we're based


How Much We Have to Invest

$50K - $250K

How Much We Invest


Initial/Follow on Investment

With $5M in deployable capital, we will write initial checks between $50,000 and $250,000, leaving half of Fund I available for follow-on investments.

Pursue Your Definition of Awesome

With other Awesome Inc programs like 5 Across and our Fellowship Program in close proximity, Awesome Fund portfolio founders will have plenty of other resources and mentor networks available to them.